Book Image for Snoqualmie Strange, A Most Peculiar Hiking Guide Vol. 1: Mist Gate

Snoqualmie Strange: Mist Gate

A Most Peculiar Hiking Guide
By: Jim St. James, Warden & Protector of the Snoqualmie Territory

An enchanted territory harboring mysterious ruins, mythic waterfalls, and a hidden supernatural history lies waiting in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, 25 miles east of Seattle.
Snoqualmie Strange: Mist Gate
is an adventurer’s guide to that Strange and magical land.

The image gallery below contains selected photos from the book and a few bonus images as well.
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Image Gallery: Mist Gate

  1. Memorial to Dr. Richard T. Burke in Snoqualmie c. Jim St. James
    Mill Town Ruins
    These stones honoring the "Wild Irishman," Dr. Richard T. Burke, have survived the curse that leveled town. The hospital, however, disappeared not long after ...
  2. Snoqualmie Falls Base c. Jim St. James
    Snoqualmie Falls Base
    When she is in a gentle mood, the Spirit of Snoqualmie Falls is as tender as a mother caring for her children ...
  3. Tokul Creek Canyon Snoqualmie c. Jim St. James
    Kitsune Falls Area
    Passionate and beguiling energies swirl between the walls of Tokul Creek Canyon. Be careful who you hike with. The two of you may get caught in ...
  4. Snoqualmie Dog c. Jim St. James
    Mu Near Kitsune Falls
    Bonus Image: My dog, Mu, fancies himself a member of the mythic kitsune kingdom that once shone brightly near this area.
  5. Snoqualmie Forest Trail c. Jim St. James
    Forest Shrine Site
    In 1925 this stretch of Spirit Garden hosted an enchanted wedding. That day, the happy couple was blessed with a sun shower - this is when the sun shines and ...
  6. Snoqualmie Mill Pond c. Jim St. James
    Mill Pond Sunrise
    The sunrise over the Mill Pond looked similar the day Warden Masatoki hid the Dragon Sword above the cloud line on Moon Mountain ...
  7. Snoqualmie Falls c. Jim St. James
    The Legendary Snoqualmie Falls
    The mist constantly emanating from Snoqualmie Falls holds open portals to other realms. Over the millennia many things have crossed through ...
  8. Snoqualmie Steam Trains c. Jim St. James
    Snoqualmie Trains
    Bonus Image: Even today, you can ride a steam train out of the Snoqualmie Depot. Anyone whose ridden one on a misty day can attest to Strange and ...
  9. Stone Heart in Snoqualmie c. Jim St. James
    Stone Heart Island
    For decades lovers have come to this part of the forest looking for the Stone Heart. Legend has it that those who find it and kiss over it receive ...
  10. Tokul Creek Trestle c. Jim St. James
    The Tokul Creek Trestle
    Long-span wooden trestles have always been hot spots for Wardens. A fierce supernatural battle was fought in the timbers of the one at Tokul Creek ...
  11. Snoqualmie Spirit Garden Face c. Jim St. James
    The Spirit Garden
    Anyone with eyes can see this part of the forest is different. The evidence that worlds blend here cannot be suppressed. Powerful spirits inhabit ...
  12. Rusting Steam Trains in Snoqualmie c. Jim St. James
    Train Graveyard
    Small spiders now harvest the etheric residue left on the rusting hulks of old locomotives that once scraped holes in the fabric that separates worlds ...
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This quirky book was released on April 28, 2017. In just six days it racked up close to 900 paperback sales and digital downloads. By midnight on the sixth day every review was 5 stars, and Amazon tagged it as a Best Seller.

Some say that kind of success seems most pecuiliar for an independant, first-time author. Warden Jim St. James was only mildly surprised. Strange forces have assisted this project from the beginning. When you read this book, you will come to understand why the Warden & Protector of the Snoqualmie Territory recieved such generous other-worldly help.
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Snoqualmie Strange: Mist Gate - A Most Peculiar Hiking Guide is a radical re-purposing of the hiking guide format. It's filled with compelling, immersive stories, mystic exercises, true history, little-known hikes through mysterious ruins, and it has an appendix filled with detailed descriptions of the odd tools the Warden carries when he patrols the Strange and supernatural landscape of the Snoqualmie Territory. Even without strapping on boots and hiking the trails, the material in this book will resonate with anyone who suspects there's more to reality than polite society likes to admit.

Readers will:

  • Discover the Legend of Stone Heart Island where the forbidden love of a hero and an enchanted maiden etched a carving deep into the rock that now offers blessings to any couple who can find it and kiss over it.

  • Unearth the secrets of the illuminated chamber buried deep within the rock under Snoqualmie Falls, and learn why it is packed with devices designed by “mad scientist,” Nikola Tesla.

  • Uncover the story behind the ancient samurai sword hidden deep in a cave on Moon Mountain that has silently protected the Snoqualmie Territory for decades.
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With in-depth stories, handcrafted maps, and intriguing photos Warden Jim St. James walks the intrepid though the supernatural landscape of the Mist Gate adventure area. All the information needed to explore the actual forests, ruins, and waterfalls where mythic and supernatural events occurred is provided. Explanations of the “physics” of the Strange Realms are covered, along with the exercises and tools Wardens use to operate effectively in the Spirit World. Detailed accounts of polite history offer context for the extraordinary things that happened in these places.

Three Strange adventures are covered in detail in Volume I, Mist Gate.

On the Snoqualmie Falls Hike adventurers will:

  • Visit the sight of an epic, supernatural battle that set the surface of the Snoqualmie River on fire for miles downstream in 1903.

  • Learn how a magnificent gift from the mythic Moon provided refuge during a horrific apocalypse that shattered this region starting the night of January 26, 1700.

On the Kitsune Falls Hike adventurers will:

  • Explore the evidence of the Spirit Garden where the Physical World and the Spirit World have blended together for thousands of years in the mists of Snoqualmie Falls.

  • Cross a 120-foot-high wooden trestle bridge where steam trains scraped a hole in the wall between worlds, and learn of the dangerous battle that was fought in its timbers.

On the Mill Town Ruins Hike adventurers will:

  • Explore the moss-covered ruins of the Snoqualmie Falls mill town, and learn of the tragic events that caused an enraged forest queen to level a devastating curse upon the land.

  • Walk on the decaying elevated trackway that points to the Train Graveyard and that once carried Army soldiers into the mill town so they could occupy it for the duration of World War I.
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The curious can go deeper down the rabbit hole with web links and additional information resources relevant to the stories of each hike. Every adventure also includes directions to and descriptions of other nearby activities and points of interest. Driving directions, parking instructions, and hike summaries are all covered. Finally, all adventures come with precise, turn-by-turn hike directions for confident navigation. At the end of the book adventurers will find instructions for reporting any Strange experiences they themselves may encounter while exploring the Snoqualmie Territory.

SPECIAL BONUS: Snoqualmie Strange: Mist Gate contains an appendix that covers descriptions and uses for over 45 specialized tools Warden Jim St. James carries when patrolling the Strange landscape of the Snoqualmie Territory. An image gallery of those Strange adventure items can be seen here.

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  • Paperback: $14.99 (comes with eBook for free)
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