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Ways You Can Help

There are five things you can do right now to assist Warden Jim St. James in his efforts to protect the Snoqualmie Territory and inform the polite public about the wonders and the dangers of The Strange.

Report Strange Occurrances

If you encounter something wonderous and Strange while exploring the Snoqualmie Territory, file a report ...

Write an Interesting Review

After you've bought and read Snoqualmie Strange: Mist Gate, write a review on Amazon. Do it with style and include your own Strange experiences ...

Join the Mailing List

The mailing list is used to deliver updates on new books, information on the Warden's speaking engagements, and to disseminate other important Strange news alerts from the Snoqualmie Territory ...

Tell Your Friends

Talk about The Strange in coffee shops, bars, and everywhere else you meet. Like the Snoqualmie Strange Facebook page, share the posts, and help get the word out ...

Offer Something of Yourself

By far the most significant and magical thing you can do is volunteer your time to help the organizations that protect and preserve the Snoqualmie Territory in polite society ...