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Snoqualmie Strange: Mist Gate - A Most Peculiar Hiking Guide

This quirky book is a radical re-purposing of the hiking guide format. It's filled with immersive stories, mystic exercises, true history, and little-known hikes through mysterious ruins. Even without strapping on boots and hiking the trails, the material in this book will resonate with anyone who suspects there's more to reality than polite society likes to admit.
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Exploring The Strange is an Act of Rebellion

It’s a rebellion against a culture whose paltry version of “reality” is defined only by what it can measure, sell, and consume. It is a rebellion that asks you to trust the sovereignty of your own witness over the vested opinions of “expert” authorities. And it’s an act of rebellion that comes with certain dangers.
You may encounter beings that others cannot directly perceive. Your position in the flow of time may wiggle and shift. Your life might change in ways you do not expect, and your heart may find a love you never sought. Most dangerous of all, your understanding of reality may slip outside of the mainstream consensus.  
If that’s too much for you, don’t worry. Think of these guides as nothing more than entertaining diversions. You’ll see the standard, beautiful things that everyone else sees, and you’ll be safe — mostly.
For those not afraid to step off polite society’s established and well-trod trails take heart, for it’s only the rebels and renegades who are willing to stray from those paths who have ever been the ones to discover anything new.

— Jim St. James,
Warden & Protector of the Snoqualmie Territory

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Snoqualmie is a Territory Soaked in The Strange

Here the boundaries the polite world are worn thin and frayed.
Things that science can’t yet see or understand manifest with ease.
Shape shifters and large beasts roam freely. Time flows in unusual ways,
and subtle, enchanted worlds seep into this one at many points on the map.

The Snoqualmie Territory begins 10 miles east of Seattle on the eastern shores of Lake Washington and stretches to Snoqualmie Pass, high in the Cascade Mountains.
Each Snoqualmie Strange volume focuses on a different adventure area there.
Look for more volumes coming soon.

Hollow Hill
Here the ruins of a cold war missile launch site mask moldering, secret government labs hidden in a labyrinth of abandoned coal mines 1,700 feet deep.

Ghost Water
Here large, hairy bipeds taunt the ghosts of a town submerged in a mountain lake from the edge of 142 square miles of “Forbidden Forest” that the public has been barred from entering for over a century.

Sky Watch
Here the southern slopes of the mountains witnessed America’s first UFOs over Mt. Rainier in 1947; then, six years later, two planes crashed into those mountains at nearly the same identical spot under mysterious circumstances.

Deep Wood
Here the etheric stains left by a murderous shape shifter were cleansed by the same Warden who fouled his killing spree in the summer of 1974 and chased him from the Territory.

Storm Fall
Here an enormous phantom cougar patrols the back hills, forgotten railroad lines, and mountain trails protecting the pure of heart and leading the wicked down dark paths of torment.

Wild Reach
Here violent, vampiric parasites brewed soul sucking concoctions in backwoods laboratories until a Warden hunted down their ringleader in the early 2000s and vanquished him from this realm.

Moon Mountain
Here subtle folk make their homes in moss-covered rocks strewn across the slopes of a 4,000-foot-tall mountain that in mythic times served as a portal to the Sky Realm.

Three Sisters
Here after journeys from clouds and through mountains, a wild and fierce river, a steady and strong river, and a beautiful and dramatic river meet and conspire before plunging over Snoqualmie Falls and running through a broad valley to the sea.

Night Vale
Here at twilight in The Valley of the Moon, Strange small folk rollick and dance amongst the farms and forests that line the path Snoqualm walked when he transformed the world at the beginning of this age.